Leverage your Marketing, Content and Events

Tue, 22 February 2022
9:30am - 12:30pm

By this stage you will have come to grips with your positioning – why does your business exist, what problems are you solving, how do you want to be perceived and who is it that should care about your product.

But how do you put this into practice and ensure leads are making their way through the sales funnel and ready to become paying customers?

In this masterclass we’ll be considering what needs to occur at each stage of the customer journey, how your emotional and rational story is perceived, and what are the fundamental elements you need to land in order to increase your chances of success. The central thread of this session is to understand your customers and identify the type of content that should be going out, who should be producing it and whether it’s consistent with your wider strategy. This year we have learned a great deal on virtual events, and we’ll be providing insight into how these should be leveraged as prospecting opportunities and what this means as we start to transition back to ‘normal’.

Who should sign up?

  • Business owners / Founders / Managing Directors of Agencies who want to grow their agency and inbound leads
  • Agencies, both independent and network
  • Business Development & Commercial Professionals
  • Marketing & Growth Professionals
  • People who are brave, honest, straight-talking, empathetic, authentic and willing to open up to change

Following the session, all attendees will receive a recording of the event as well as all tools and templates covered within it.

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“We approached Gray Matters after a rocky time for the business. We had a vision in our head for what the business should be known for but it wasn’t until we sat down with Gray Matters, that we were able to articulate it. We were really impressed with how they ‘got us’ and this has now been brought to life through a new website. New Business has always been a struggle for us and that came down to lack of focus. Our content and targeting was all too generic but now we are honing in to make ourselves much more relevant to a certain audience. Gray Matters has put in place a much more effective nurturing programme to help us build a consistent pipeline.”

– Jamie Simmonds, Managing Director at The Tin