Our task was to finesse their positioning, delineate the company’s core identity and set a focused roadmap for Nalla’s future growth.




We met with Vicki, the founder and CEO of design studio Nalla, where she told us the story of her business. At the time, Nalla was a ten-person operation based in London; she had run the company successfully for eight years, with a solid stream of clients and a great internal company culture. Vicki had recently taken time off to have a baby; without her leadership at the helm, the business had lost its momentum. 2018 had been a tough year for Nalla, and they had begun to feel lost.


By the time we met for coffee, the team had already decided on a new positioning that would situate them in the digital transformation space. Digital transformation was already a buzzword in the industry — they believed in the words, but Vicki felt they lacked clarity. How exactly did digital transformation relate to Nalla as a design agency? How could they grow the business in this competitive, evolving space?





We began with a review of the existing pitch deck and company values; testing out the efficacy of their new positioning and preparing it for launch. From there, we began the process of defining Nalla’s audience going forward. We continued to narrow down and refine this target audience, determining which industries were lagging behind in their digital journey — which Nalla could then provide as a service and profit from.


As part of their new business and marketing strategy, we helped Nalla understand their role in the digital transformation process, and how they could work with complementary businesses. We wanted to increase their credibility in the digital transformation space and as well as their scope for referrals. We conducted a thorough budget review as well as a sales data analysis, which allowed us to identify previous trends and adjust the strategy accordingly. After restructuring the budget, we made suggestions around new opportunities, increasing the effectiveness of their brand and get them a larger return on their investment.





We successfully implemented Nalla’s new positioning and returned a sense of control and clarity to the business. We continue to provide them with strategic support as the company begins to achieve its KPI targets for 2020. On our recommendation, Nalla have recently decided to launch a combined content and events strategy; this includes a more focused edition of their podcast, Off Brand — interviewing consultancies and technology experts, bringing the world of digital marketing and business together and broadening their referral network.


They have begun to showcase their internal company culture, inviting both existing and prospective clients into their world through exciting new content.






“We initially reached out to Adam and his team to help us out with our positioning as an agency, as well as helping us refine our new business and marketing plans for 2020. We were immediately impressed by Adam’s ability to come in and constructively analyse where we were at as a business and what we could tweak in order to position us in a place we were happy with, then help sculpt our new business and marketing plans to reflect this new positioning. Overall, Adam and his team have been super easy to work with, and a fantastic asset for us going into the new year, successfully helping us clarify where we are and how to get to where we want to be.”

 — Vicki Young; Founder, Nalla