Red Apple Digital

Identifying a USP and launching an innovative new business strategy around a podcast 



When we were first introduced to Red Apple Creative, they were running a successful audio business. With a state-of-the-art audio production studio, they had been working closely with Spotify — and their brand partners — delivering white label digital advertising campaigns for the platform. This led to the birth of Red Apple Digital; but that alone was not a proposition.


Red Apple Creative wanted to build upon, and repackage, the digital offering that they had developed working with Spotify — it was a side of the business that had the potential to grow rapidly.


But without a coherent business strategy and USP for Red Apple Digital, they were lacking the clarity they needed to move forward in a competitive and saturated market. Our challenge was to identify this USP and create innovative solutions as part of a larger business strategy.


We sat down with the team to try and get to the heart of what their offering actually was — and importantly, what differentiated them.

We decided that the company needed to position themselves as the creative conduit between agencies, platforms and brands.

As platforms have become more fragmented, widespread, confusing — with an array of features and benefits on offer — it has become increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to utilise them properly. Being platform experts, Red Apple Digital could stand out from the crowd and become known as the link between these entities — the go-to agency for these collaborative digital campaigns. With that proposition in mind, we helped to launch their new website and began building a new business strategy shaped around this new positioning.


How were we going to attract the interest of new customers and increase their credibility in this space?


We needed an innovative method to get these platforms on board with what Red Apple Creative had to offer — which we believed would then generate interest from brands and agencies. This led to the creation of their podcast, which we called The Core.

With world-class production studios in house, the equipment to make the podcast was readily accessible to them. We outlined the concept of The Core, produced the branding and began securing interviews with platforms (and publishers). The idea was to get experts from these organisations to tell their stories and share the best ways to make use of their offering. It was a clever way to attract other platforms, create relevant content to broadcast and by doing so, drive interest in Red Apple Digital with brands and agencies.



It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd — especially when you’ve not got clarity on what exactly it is, you’re standing for.


We were able to help Red Apple Creative find their voice by identifying their USP and shaping their positioning to align with it.


Where we could have easily gone down a generic business strategy, we decided to think outside the box and build an innovative content campaign through The Core podcast; one that was authentic to their business and helped them to make connections with global platforms and brands. With our help, Red Apple Creative launched three episodes of The Core podcast, joined by media platforms including The Telegraph, What3Words and DCM. We secured meetings with another 15, and guess what… after the interview with The Telegraph, they invited us in to find out more about our digital capabilities.

By getting to the heart of what makes them different, we have built a foundation upon which Red Apple Digital can confidently expand and generate new opportunities for their business.