Kazoo Case Study

A new compelling brand story to drive the new business machine

Agency Challenge

We first met Lydia, one of Kazoo’s Managing Partners, over a coffee, where she explained the history of the PR agency. It sounded like a great place to work, with some fantastic clients, but they wanted to ‘shake up’ their approach to new business and be recognised for their successes. They were using a lead generation agency but it was expensive and the meeting quality was lacking.  They also needed to figure out who they were, build their reputation and amplify it to the industry. Having just lost a large account, this gap in their revenue had to be replaced so we needed to convince them to stop purely focusing on client work, get their own house in order and become a new business machine.

Our Solution

We started with an introspective brand workshop reflecting on the history of both partners, followed by stakeholder interviews with their employees and clients. From there we created an exciting new brand positioning built around ‘Emotional Intelligence’, dialling up their values and behaviours of being genuinely ‘challenging’ and ‘nurturing’.  We found proof points to demonstrate this high EQ from their staff and client relationships and in the way they understand their client’s consumers. It also allowed them to differentiate from being just another PR agency. To ensure everyone was on board and embraced the new positioning, we held an offsite workshop, where we shared the business vision with the wider team, tasking them to decide how the new behaviours and tone of voice would manifest themselves throughout their day-to-day operations.

A new website was produced to bring this all to life and give them the contemporary look and feel, the business needed.  We created a comprehensive new business and marketing strategy identifying new roles and responsibilities across the team to build a new business culture that had been lacking.  Targets and KPIs were put firmly in place and go down to a granular weekly level! We’re now rolling out a clear plan of attack based on a newly developed content calendar to achieve their ambitious targets with exciting plans for prospecting, content, marketing and events.  Lastly, we brought in a freelance lead generator to provide ad-hoc support around key initiatives.


The Results

To date, we have brought the entire new business programme in-house saving them considerable costs and being much more effective with budgets.  Everyone, from the owners down to the new hires are very enthusiastic about the future of Kazoo and confident about the direction they’re headed.  The new positioning is resonating with clients, prospects and new recruits and they have already won a six-figure deal with large national retailer off the back of it.  Kazoo now have the solid foundations of a new business programme that will set them in good stead for years to come.