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3 steps to build the foundation of your
brand, sales and marketing machine…


Create a compelling brand and sales positioning


Design a new business and marketing strategy


Work with a mentor and specialists to execute your strategy

How we do it…

Help you discover your brand purpose and determine a vision
Align your leadership and internal culture
Build new business and marketing strategies to increase awareness and leads
Implement new systems, processes and KPIs to manage and track your growth
Provide hands-on support and mentoring through a team of experts
Develop a clear target audience profile and prospecting strategy
Show me how

The key to effective sales is honesty.

That’s what buyers are searching for when they look into the ‘whites of your eyes’.

If they look but don’t believe you, there is no trust.  To win their hearts and minds you have to be 100% authentic – the good, the bad, the ugly.


That’s why we’re called Gray Matters because

within your complexity of thoughts is where you’ll find your truth.

This is where the magic happens.

It’s time to reflect and rediscover yourself.

Be you. Authentic. Proud.

Discover your purpose and your Why.

It’s strong to be vulnerable. We’re all imperfect.

Be known for something and attract the people you want to work with.

This is what it means to have a brand.

Now be brave, embrace it and share it with the World.


What’s your story?

What are your new business requirements?

Enter your requirements and we’ll create a tailored proposal for what we think you need. 

01 What are you struggling with? Open question
  • Lacking a compelling brand story, sales messaging or positioning
  • Being commoditised and competing on price
  • Deciding whether to focus on a particular audience or niche
  • Brand awareness and inbound leads
  • No new business plan or strategy
  • Lack of consistent pipeline
  • Lead gen agency or current consultants ineffective
  • Poor conversion rates (on meetings, proposals, pitches etc.)
  • Too reliant on referrals or one source of lead
  • Marketing efforts ineffective
  • Need to update marketing collateral (website etc.)
  • Lack of internal new business culture or internal processes
  • New business team needs building or reshaping
  • New routes to market / product development
02 Who are you? Open question
  • Founder / Co-Founder
  • Managing Director / Partner
  • Marketing Director
  • New Business Director
  • New Business & Marketing Director
  • New Business, Marketing or PR Manager
  • Other...

03 How many people are in your business? Open question
04 Internal resource? Open question
    How many people at these levels do you have dedicated to new business…
  • Senior
  • Mid-level
  • Junior
  • Other...

05 Budget? Open question
    Have you earmarked a monthly or project budget to undertake new activity?
  • < £1k
  • £1k - £3k
  • £3k - £5k
  • £5- £10k
  • £10k - £20k
  • > £20k
06 Timeframe Open question
    What timeframe are you working to or thinking about engaging us as a partner for?
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • > 12 months
07 Previous Experience Open question
    What other new business resource have you tried in the past?
  • Internal Hire (Junior)
  • Internal Hire (Mid-Senior)
  • Lead generation agency
  • PR agency
  • External consultant
  • Other...

08 Additional Comments Open question

Happy agencies we’ve worked with


“A year ago, we were in a position having never really conducted any new business or marketing, no clarity on who we are and a shockingly dated website. Having worked with Gray Matters over the past year, we now have a clear positioning, new website, case studies, content and an entire new business strategy to activate. They have shown us the importance of new business and what is required to make a success of it.”

Toby Mason - Director, Totally Group

“Since working together Gray Matters has given us the tools (and the kick up the backside!) to put into action things that we had only ever just 'talked about’. Adam's regular advice, insights, and objective feedback has completely transformed how we treat every stage of the deal process. Most importantly though he's made us realise the value in ourselves as a company.”

Josh Hine - Founder, Mattr Media

“I definitely recommend working with Gray Matters. We've been working with Adam on our new business strategy and he's full of useful, practical advice. Very down-to-earth and with a lot of big agency sales experience that's really useful for us. The value we get from both the general branding and messaging work, plus specific help on individual pitches and lead-gen is well worth the money. I highly recommend them!”

Andrew Brittain, Managing Director, Advantec

“I was recommend Gray Matters when we wanted to realign our business during a period of growth. They not only got under the skin of the business but also us as directors. He was able to identify our values and character traits and help weave these back into the business helping us set and shape the direction and ambitions of the business going forward.”

“From working with Gray Matters we have crystallised our proposition and positioning, clarified our essence and established a new tone of voice which has helped how we see ourselves and how we present Bear Jam to the world. We are now using some of the tools given to us to develop our brand, engage with new clients and grow the business.”

James Hilditch, Founder and Creative Director, Bear Jam