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We solve these types of challenges...


What makes you standout? And who should you be targeting?


Why are you struggling to get or convert good quality leads?


Do you have the time, right skills and tech to scale?

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We point out
the elephant in the room

We can’t stand businesses who claim they can “guarantee you 37 leads next week” without knowing anything about you. You’ve all received those careless sales messages! We fix the real root of sales problems. 

We don’t believe in makeshift sticky-plasters or turning a blind eye.  We exist because we know exactly what it takes to establish successful and sustainable new business practices within your business. That starts with smart consultancy to create a winning positioning and strategy; and then it’s about tenacity, consistency, creativity – underpinned by a rigorous sales process – to pull it off.

That’s how you build long-lasting business growth.

Ditch your hopes of a magic wand.

We focus on...

Culture & Mindset

Many business owners tell us “we’ve tried this, and that, nothing works”. But the reality is, many new business campaigns fail because of the wrong mindset and approach to sales. Sales may not be your background or you could be thinking too short-term, but we’ll help you focus, execute and measure the right stuff.

Positioning & Strategy

If you lack a differentiated positioning, in an increasingly competitive market, it’s like asking your prospects to find a needle in a haystack. We’ll identify what truly makes you special, bring this to your prospects’ attention and ensure your product or service meets a clear and urgent business need.

Go-to-Market Plans

We put in place a robust sales & marketing plan that is designed to deliver smoothly and effectively, whilst reacting to market trends and opportunities. This will help you to become consistent, proactive and sustainable in your growth journey.

Revenue Operations

With us you get senior consultancy alongside a team of outbound and inbound specialists. We will bolster or supplement you with everything from content, to lead generation, to events, to pitch conversion advice.  We’ll also overhaul your entire MarTech stack making you more efficient and effective.


Our services

Sales and Martech tools we use

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What are your new business requirements?

Enter your requirements and we’ll create a tailored proposal for what we think you need. 

01 What are you struggling with? Open question
  • Lacking a compelling and distinct positioning
  • Lack of inbound leads and too reliant on referrals
  • No consistency of quality leads in pipeline
  • Poor conversion rates (on meetings, proposals, pitches etc.)
  • Marketing efforts ineffective or haphazard
  • Weak culture, internal processes or use of technology
  • Require a new business strategy
  • Select All
02 Who are you? Open question
  • Founder / Co-Founder
  • Managing Director / Partner
  • Marketing Director
  • New Business Director
  • New Business & Marketing Director
  • New Business, Marketing or PR Manager
  • Other...

03 How many people are in your business? Open question
04 Internal resource? Open question
    How many people at these levels do you have dedicated to new business…
  • Senior
  • Mid-level
  • Junior
  • Other...

05 Budget? Open question
    Have you earmarked a monthly or project budget to undertake new activity?
  • < £1k
  • £1k - £3k
  • £3k - £5k
  • £5- £10k
  • £10k - £20k
  • > £20k
06 Timeframe Open question
    What timeframe are you working to or thinking about engaging us as a partner for?
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • > 12 months
07 Previous Experience Open question
    What other new business resource have you tried in the past?
  • Internal Hire (Junior)
  • Internal Hire (Mid-Senior)
  • Lead generation agency
  • PR agency
  • External consultant
  • Other...

08 Additional Comments Open question

What our clients think

img - Saskia Johnson, Marketing Manager EMEA - We Are Amnet

“I enjoyed working with Gray Matters, they were professional and worked tirelessly to get us a diverse mix of speakers and attendees to our event. We used their end-to-end service in event ideation, planning, promotional assets, speakers and sign-ups. They got us 120 leads from senior leaders at brands such as Google, Twitter, HBO Max, John Lewis, Shopify, Morgan Stanley, GSK and more. It was an excellent event, and I would recommend them.”

Saskia Johnson, Marketing Manager EMEA - We Are Amnet
img - Paul Mellor - Managing Director, Mellor&Smith

Sales... it's a dirty word that creatives, like me, get all snooty about. As a 40-something grizzled (and not so chiselled) veteran in the agency game, I've seen a bazillion sales people. None are as strong as Adam and the team at Gray Matters. I value Adam's insight and know-how, but most of all I trust his instincts.

Paul Mellor - Managing Director, Mellor&Smith
img - Jess Hodgson - Client Officer, TIPi Group

“We engaged Gray Matters to help us validate and develop our thinking around New Business, and to help us improve our ways of working and team alignment. Their interrogation of all areas of our Sales & Marketing processes helped us unearth strengths and weaknesses which we were able to tackle together; ultimately enabling us to have a very strong start to the year! The team’s work is now core to our working practices and we’d like to thank Adam and Ivan for their honest feedback and excellent support!”

Jess Hodgson - Client Officer, TIPi Group
img - CEO, Havas Media Group

Adam came into support us in an interim capacity during a busy time for the business, which saw him manage our new business and marketing team and a host of major pitches over a four month period. During that time, he established a strong working relationship with the leadership team and helped us convert a major retail account.

CEO, Havas Media Group
img - Andy Griffiths - Associate Director, Client Growth, Space & Time

I'd recommend Adam and the team at Gray Matters. The team are highly personable and I have confidence in their capabilities to drive the growth of our businesses. The sincerity with which the GM team want to deliver results for us is tangible, and as an agency we've realised a big improvement in our positioning, and BD and marketing capabilities whilst simultaneously realising a cost saving to the business.

Andy Griffiths - Associate Director, Client Growth, Space & Time