How to improve Agency & Client relationships

October 22, 2020



All great work is built on the foundation of great relationships. But what does the agency / client relationship need to look like?


We all long for great relationships…people who can inspire us, offer balance, watch each other’s backs, a comrade in the trenches, a shared vision, someone to cover your blind spots, celebrate the wins etc.


But, how many of your relationships tick all these boxes? How do you assess them? How do you improve them? Or how do you walk away from them?


Sit back and watch an incredible session with:

– Andy West- Group Chief Development Officer at Hotwire

– Annabel Dunstan – Founder & CEO at Question & Retain

– Kate McFerran – Director of Communications at LNER

– Malik Aktar – VP Procurement at Bayer


We explore:

– Strengthening bonds without face to face

– virtual events

– What lessons have been learnt from COVID?

– How can we avoid pitches altogether?

– What does the future of Pitching look like?

– How do you build relationships with procurement?

– What does the agency model of the future look like?

– How do you assess relationships?

– How do you walk away?


This session is perfect for:

– Client services people

– Agency leaders

– Business Development folk

– Procurement specialists