How to pitch and win; virtually

June 16, 2020
Fri, 3 July 2020
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On Friday 3rd July, we spoke to a panel of experts on how to get the best out of pitching over Zoom and WebEx. We spoke to;


  • Russell Marsh, Chief Product Officer at Publicis
  • Alex Price, Founder at 93 Digital
  • Gemma Cutler-Colclough, Head of Marketing and New Business at RPM Ltd


Due to the new work from home reality across the globe, agencies, brands and consultants are all adapting to pitching over Zoom and WebEx, among others. Instead of shaking hands or sussing out someone’s personality in office conference rooms or over drinks, agencies and brand marketers are hopping on video chats, seeing each others’ home offices and learning how to continue the norms of the business together, albeit digitally.

We explored the impact this is having on pitching and how both clients and agencies can create the best experience and outcome. Some of the areas we investigated were:

  • Pre-pitch engagement
  • Preparation
  • Presenting successfully
  • Post-pitch engagement

You can listen to the whole session here:


Some of the key takeaways and tips from the session were;

  • Share facts on presenters before or at start of call
  • Have planned places to stop for questions
  • Record the session and use as follow up content
  • Always do rehearsals and write a script
  • Check your tech – and preferably use yours
  • Build chemistry by being in other people’s homes
  • Sign post the presentation and have a clear agenda
  • Follow up on specific questions after the pitch, maybe using ‘man-marking’ tactics
  • Find out why you won/lost so you can learn from it
  • Shrink the file size down of any videos/pres when sharing

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