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Use your events strategy to give back

People get into business for many different reasons and although it was never my primary objective, being able to give back is something I had always hoped to achieve. May 14, 2019

Part 3. Lack of patience and consistency

As a business owner it is only natural to have an entrepreneurial thirst for success. But many want the fame and riches right now. "Zuckerberg did it overnight and that agency down the road sold out for millions in 3 years, so why can’t I?" May 14, 2019

Part 2. Agency owners think they can fully outsource or delegate new business

If you run an agency and think you can ever dust your hands of new business, you’re in for a rude awakening and it’s in your interest to change your mindset. April 23, 2019

Part 1. Failure to differentiate, stand out and target a specific audience

Differentiation can come in many shapes and sizes but when you start to treat your business as a brand and spend more time thinking about your audience, it becomes much easier. March 18, 2019